Theta Waves

  • Floating has been found to increase Theta brainwaves which are linked to vision and creativity.
  • Floating aids in self-introspection and development.
    • Floating creates an ideal environment for meditation and reflection.
  • Floating has been called “the gateway to the creative mind.”
  • Floating increases feelings of self-confidence, self control and serenity.
  • Floating has been shown to improve post operative recovery.
  • Top tech entrepreneurs use floating as a source of innovation and development of business strategies.

Floating creates hemispheric and whole brain integration.

Floating is an ideal environment to naturally shift your brainwave output from typical beta brainwaves (normal day-to-day operations dealing with the outside world) and gradually shift them toward achieving theta state (associated with a quieting of the body and busy thoughts while allowing the more interesting, creative, unrecognized parts of the brain to come to consciousness).   Achieving theta state is something that happens naturally while floating as the body and the mind start to quiet, giving way to more profound modes of consciousness. One characteristic of theta state is what is called hypnogogic imagery (hip-nuh-gog-ick). Hypnogogic imagery is that fleeting moment before you fall asleep when your minds eye visualizes vivid scenes and images.

Theta brainwaves and the hypnogogic images therein have been closely likened to the zen mindset of yogis, master meditators, and individuals with elevated consciousness. Thats just a drop in the bucket too – there are infinite possibilities of consciousness with floating and within the theta state. The floater need not (at least in the beginning) have knowledge of any method or technique for achieving these states….she/he only needs to lie back and relax into the water.

With modern science, we’re able to record the activity in the brain, including the production of different types of waves. There are four types of waves detected:

Beta Waves When the brain is generating beta waves (13-30 Hz), it is dealing with actual tasks and problems.

Alpha Waves When the brain is generating alpha waves (8-12 Hz), the person is usually alert but unfocused. These are associated with relaxation and calmness.

Theta Waves We produce theta waves (4-7 Hz) twice per day: as we’re falling asleep and as we wake up. In these times, we’re presented with unpredictable, dreamlike (yet still vivid) images. Theta waves offer access to unconscious material, sudden insight, and creative material. It is a mysterious, elusive state that’s quite difficult to study because as soon as someone produces theta waves, they start to fall asleep.

Delta Waves These occur at 0.5 to 4 Hz when a person is deeply asleep or unconscious – not much fun there!

Producing Theta Waves
As you probably guessed, the most exciting type of brain activity is theta waves. This is the ultimate goal for practitioners of meditation and other methods of relaxation. Most must dedicate endless hours of studying, dedication, and practice to achieve this type of state. Users of flotation tanks are able to achieve theta wave production quite easily, while still allowing the person to be alert and awake.

What do Theta Waves mean?
When the brain produces these waves, we are at our most creative and imaginative state. Throughout studies, as users start producing theta waves, they often report integrative experiences leading to feelings of psychological well-being. These same people reported improvements in personal relationships. Many started recalling long-lost childhood memories. Researches report that those whom experience high levels of theta waves, “experience a new kind of body consciousness very much related to their total well-being.” They also found that those people “manifested improved relationships with other people as well as great tolerance, understanding, and love of oneself and one’s world.” The users also had “new and valid ideas or synthesis of ideas, not primarily by deduction, but springing by intuition from unconscious sources.”

The production of theta waves may not lead to each of us coming up with the world’s next greatest idea, but research does indicate that those of us who float will experience an increase in creativity as well as an improved sense of purpose and love of life.